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If you have a great looking outdoor space, what would you prefer for the protection of your property or space? An iron fencing or a timber fencing? Let us try finding out which among them should be a good choice.

Timber fencing vs Iron railing fencing – which is good for you?

There can be several reasons and factors that would expect you to go with one or the other options. Let us analyse the two fencing options based on a few prime parameters.

The Aesthetics

If you have a unique and great looking property to showcase, it is always essential to pay enough attention to the aesthetics of the fencing option that you would want to go with. The wood fencing can perhaps be one of the best options for nostalgia and a charming look. The rich earth tone can be one of the exciting options in the long run.

The iron railing fencing on the other hand, can be quite cold in terms of looks. However, the design flexibility that you stand to gain with the modern-day technologies can be instrumental in making them more aesthetic looking. The Toronto iron railings manufacturers, for instance provide you the option for customised iron railing fencing.

Durability and performance

The wood fencing can be prone to moisture damage and even warps when subjected to extreme temperatures. They can even rot and deteriorate over time. The iron railings do ensure a greater degree of performance and durability.

The metal railings do provide you an exceptional strength and will never rot. The metal fatigue is reduced to a considerable extent with the technology used in the modern technologies.


The wood fencing requires a lot of maintenance. The painted and stained wood fence will need frequent maintenance. You would need to go with the preventive maintenance such as sanding, priming and refinishing.

On the other hand, the iron railing fencing can be quite low on maintenance. It would require no amount of painting or staining in any way whatsoever. The galvanised and powder coating options can be a few great options in the long run.

Custom fence Toronto

The installation

Wood fencing can be extremely easy and simple to install. However, the shrinkage observed in the wood fencing can introduce gaps. They can swell in the winter and further create an issue.

The metal fencing is heavy and rigid. It can be quite tough and difficult to install. The pee-assembled systems that have been developed for an ease of installation. The rack able design can be one of the excellent options for your needs.

Well, checking out the excellent options offered by the iron railings should ideally make it one of the promising options ever for a powerful performance. We would recommend opting for the iron railings in most of the scenarios unless you have a few specific requirements to go with the wood railing. Ultimately the choice of the best railings for your properties would ideally come down to your individual preferences. Find and analyse what parameters are important for you and you should be good enough to go with the best options for your requirements.


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