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Are you considering installing the new railings for your property? There are multiple options available as long as the material for the railings is concerned. The prime battle for the best material for the railings rests between Iron railings and aluminium railings. But, which among them should you prefer? The battle between the metals is not definitely an easier one to conclude or win. Let us check out the two metals based on multiple parameters


Building railings is not something that you will be handling quite frequently. Both steel and aluminium are known for the durability and are tough materials. Even then, steel is technically much stronger than the steel. That would perhaps make it a better choice for the railings. Manufacturers of iron railings Toronto prefer steel or wrought iron as the prime material in terms of durability over aluminium.

Beauty and aesthetics

When you are looking at the beauty and aesthetics, both steel and aluminium offer the same characteristics. Both of them are known to be versatile materials, and can take a range of different styles. However, steel may lose the aesthetics over a period of time and thus develop rust and may peel off. Aluminium can be protected with powder coating which makes it aesthetically much pleasing.


The aluminium railings come with a pleasing appearance with a beautiful and powder coated finish. This will protect it from blistering, peeling, rusting and cracking. Practically speaking, the aluminium railing does not require any sort of maintenance at all. There is not need to repaint it, or reply the powder coating. Cleaning it by hosing it down may be the only maintenance that you may need to go with.


In terms of the cost associated with the railings, it may not be that easy to compare the two. The global pricing of aluminium and steel keep fluctuating and it may only be a question of the time. Under most of the conditions, however, the aluminium costs slightly more than the steel. However, given the less maintenance needed for the aluminium railings, you would perhaps want to prefer the aluminium railings from the cost point of view.

iron railings torontoInstallation

Last but certainly not the least; the installation is yet another factor that can decide whether you would want to go with the steel or aluminium railing. Since the steel is quite heavy, it may be a little difficult to install steel railings. Cutting the steel for installation is also cumbersome when the aluminium can be easily cut.

Well, those were the primary differences between the aluminium and steel railings. The final decision should rest with you. Based on what you would prefer for your railings, you can choose the one that you would find more interesting and practical. Get in touch with the professionals in the filed and take a call in tune with your individual requirements.


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